About us

We want to bring fun and happiness to your life. Our temporary tattoos help us to do it.

All workers of Tattooerra company love to be enjoyed their lives and have fun. And one of the way to be happy is to show your cool individual style. Tattoos help in this. But to have a real tattoo with one design for all life is very boring. That's why we very love temporary tattoos. They are easy to apply and you can change them according to your mood. I want to show you what benefits will you get if you buy temporary tattoo in our store. 
COOL DESIGN. We create cool design for every tattoo. Your friends will appreciate it. We have different temporary tattoos design: big tattoos and small tattoos, tattoos for him and tattoos for her, animal tattoos and flower tattoos, single tattoo and tattoos sets. I am sure that you will find a temporary tattoo that will appeal. And we can also create a custom tattoo for you. 
TOTAL SAFETY CONTROL. I think that temporary tattoo safety for skin is the main thing. That's why we have our own printing machines and using only safety certified inks for printing. In this way we can control every step of temporary tattoo production and be sure in their safety. 
WATERPROOF PRODUCT. We use waterproof ink, so our temporary tattoos are waterproof too. You can use them even in the pool, water parties and so on. 
FAST SHIPMENT. We have good delivery team. So, your order will be shipped to you not later that the next day after your order. Usually, it takes not more than 2 weeks of delivery to any country in the world. There will be some changes coming here at Tattooerra plus I will add some fabulous new tattoos in the next coming weeks. Stay tuned and I promise I will not disappoint you! 
Best Regards,
Eugen Zazuliak